Here you will find a collection of articles about casino and gambling. The on-line gambling versus land-based casino lists the advantages of placing bets with on-line casinos. Some advantages refer to the international players, which can access the casino in their native language and their national currency.

The live casino page explains the innovation brought with the invention of a live casino. This feature enables players to experience a real casino directly from their home. How is this possible? With a live stream from a dedicated studio or directly from a space in a land based casino. Real croupiers throw the dices, spin the roulette, or deal the cards while being able to communicate with players via live chat.

Sportsbook odds and gambling offers a brief look into the world of sportsbook, player types, and odds calculator.

Progressive jackpot odds explains all the mechanisms behind video poker, slot machines, and the complicated system behind the odds of winning.

The virtual coin offers a safe alternative to the transactions with real money. The bitcoin, or the decentralized digital currency, is fast, does not have a transfer limit and takes in smaller fees than the bank.

The types of bonuses explain more about the different welcome gifts, free spins, reload bonus or cashback casino offer to their players.

Cashing in your winnings comes in handy for the winners. It discusses the main payment methods, advantages, and processing time for the main methods used by the majority of on-line casinos.

Gamification in the casino industry is the brand novelty that mixes elements of gaming with the classic casino games. It combines elements of adventure and character play.