Gamification in Casino Industry

Gamification is one of the latest trends in the on-line casino industry. It attracts many players because of the concept. It gives additional rewards as players take on different missions, or create their own heroes, that make the experience much more exciting. Besides from the thrill of the game continuation, many players that choose gamification casinos are part of special loyalty programs.

This techniqu201510271703308906e is still in its incipient phase. There are just a few casinos that are created especially with this design in mind: Kaboo Casino, Casumo Casino, and Rizk Casino.

Kaboo Casino offers the story of an ancient prophecy that will bring balance to the world. It combines the thrill of choosing a hero that will solve all the requests, with an adventurous experience. It has created its own currency, the Echo.

Casumo Casino has created its own character, called Casumo, which wears different belts, that correspond to the level of the players. The concept is very simple and straightforward, but it attracts many players. There are great races, challenges, tournaments, and prizes offered as the players change their original white belt to yellow, red, blue, purple and black. As in any gamified adventure, the more you play, the higher you will advance in the Casumo land hierarchy. The higher the rank, the bigger the bonuses, free spins, and gifts.

Rizk Casino is an adventure based on-line casino. Captain Rizk and Lucky the Super Dog are the mascots of the website that will guide all the players at their time on the website. One of the most attractive features of the website is the Wheel of Rizk. It is designed similar to the Wheel of Fortune, which enables each player to constant rewards and entertainment.

This type of gamification introduced to the on-line casino world gives a little extra to people that look for something more than just playing poker, roulette, or slots. The story and the intrigue are the elements that encourage people to find gambling more desirable.

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