Understanding the Netent Slots

If you happen to be a slot player that visits different casinos, then there is no doubt that at least a few of them you have come across are netent slots. For those that have been playing the slots for several years, you may be more familiar with the name Net Entertainment, which was officially shortened to NetEnt in 2015.

NetEnt is a casino software provider that is highly revered in the gaming industry for the many slot games that they provide as entertainment for slot player enthusiasts. If you happen to be new to this slot game provider, then you can find out more about them at netentslots.com which is well worth the time to check out.

This company is no stranger to the slot game industry as they have been around since 1996. What has allowed the netent slots to become so popular is that they possess everything that most slot players want and expect in this type of game play. They offer a grand selection of themes which is usually the drawing feature of any slot game. Then the netent slots are highly respected for their exceptional graphics and soundtracks. These work beautifully with the theme of the slot.

While the netent slots are available in all types of themes, one of the most popular collections is what is called the NetEnt Rocks collection. This is a group of slot machines where the themes all revolve around music like Guns N Roses and Jimmy Hendrix, and they didn’t forget about Motorhead. Outside of the music themes, probably the most popular of the netent slots is Gonzos Quest or for others, they believe that Starburst is one of the best every netent slots.

NetEnt has also focused on different ways of keeping the attraction to their slot games at a very high level by adding in some really exciting extras. For some of the games, it may be additional bonus games or the well loved free spins feature. For movie buffs, this casino software provider has obtained the rights to promote slots that follow the themes of some very famous movies such as Scarface.